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Springkell House - Lockerbie

Springkell is a stunning Palladian Mansion built around 1734 and just 6 miles from historic Gretna Green.

The Couple - Chris & Shannon Anderson

Why Do You Want To Capture Your Wedding On Video? - So we can relive all the little moments over and over. Show our kids what a special day it was.

Why Did You Pick Moments In White? - Came across Moments In White on TikTok and fell in love with the content. The way its shot and edited is just awesome. I also wanted to reach out to smaller businesses for our wedding to support your business after the pandemic etc and managed to do that with all our suppliers/venue/gifts.

You Guys ... What Do You Do?... How Do You Spend Your Days?... What's Important In

Life? - Chris and I are probably the most chalk and cheese people. Chris is a proper DIYer, gamer, likes to get his hands dirty, laid back sort of guy and I am very much a control, neat and tidy freak who loves cleaning, walking, cooking and making others happy. Chris is a multi-trader at present but used to run a pub. I (shannon) am (and have been for near 10 years) a co-ordinator in different industries but I am currently in the construction industry for Film and TV. We both work super hard so don't actually spend much time at home during the week and most evenings are spent cooking, spending time with our dog reggie and catching up on general day to day life. We love spending time with our friends on weekends, normally down the pub, but also many dog walks, dinner parties etc. We (only in the last week) have both come to the conclusion that there is more to life than working 24/7 and have realised that the most important thing in life is to be happy. Happy waking up and going to a job that doesn't pick us apart, getting excited for 5pm because we have a dinner reservation for our favourite restaurant, making spontaneous plans to go on a mad hike, or go watch the sunrise, those are the important things in life to us now we are married.

The Proposal ... Tell Me Everything (All The Gushy Details) - Originally Chris had planned this beautiful surprise weekend away in Edinburgh for the proposal but unfortunately covid hit again at Christmas and all those plans went out the window. Instead he had planned out to take me on a walk with our Reggie to Boxhill in Surrey. He knew how much I loved going new places for walks and this particular walk has 2 view points. He had planned out with one of our closest friends that he would take me to the quieter view point and whilst I was taking it all in, I turned around and he was down on one knee with Reggie beside him. I honestly had no idea it was going to happen and that it had been planned for weeks in advance. We had 3 of our closest friends hiding in a bush with champagne and flowers too for after. Was just incredible. He had even facetimed my parents to ask for their permission and to me that just made it even more special.

The Venue/s ...Why This Place Above Anywhere Else? - We actually booked the venue 3 weeks after our engagement online, without visiting it! From the minute we saw the website, we knew straight away that this was the venue for us. We then visited for the first time near 5 months later (due to various reasons, covid being the main one!) and fell in love with it even more. James the owner and Fiona our wedding co-ordinator were honestly two of the nicest people I have met in my life. We then met Jill on the day before who does all the set up and running of the day and she joined them in the nicest people we have ever met. They made us feel like it was our home to have our wedding in and we will forever be grateful to them for that.

What Experience Do You Want To Give Your Guests? - We wanted the most laid back, but extremely fun wedding possible.

The Venue

Sir William Maxwell, 2nd Baronet of Springkell, built the house in 1734. Sir John Shaw Heron-Maxwell added the wings around 1818, at a time when expansion was a status symbol and building the hobby of every landed gentleman from the Regent downwards.

In 1893 the Heron Maxwell’s sold Springkell to Sir Jabez Edward Johnson-Ferguson, 1st Baronet, and during the next decade the interior of the house was entirely reconstructed. Timber, mainly from the estate, was used to renew the old doors, panelling, wainscoting and floors, new fireplaces were put in, plate-glass replaced the Georgian sash windows and the whole house was redecorated.

The entrance hall with its handsome black and white marble floor was formed into a long corridor linked to the wings by pillared arches.

First floor rooms were remodelled, some of the roof-lines altered, and later on a little Victorian eastern wing built. At this time too, the terraced gardens were laid out on the south front.

Sir Jabez brought with him paintings, art treasures and relics from Italy, Greece and other countries where his family had travelled, and many of these are in the house today.

He was succeeded in 1929 by his son, Sir Edward, who died in 1953 and then his widow the Hon Lady Johnson-Ferguson, and then her oldest son Major Neil Johnson-Ferguson, and then his third son Captain Michael Johnson-Ferguson, and is now owned by his eldest son James Johnson-Ferguson.

At Springkell today, one has the impression of three different periods which are sometimes distinct, sometimes intermingled. Outside the Early Georgian character of the central building still dominates the house. Inside, there are strong elements of both Regency and Edwardian taste, sharing, at least, a bold and extrovert quality of space and splendour. The imposing Regency drawing room in the west wing, with its great bow of windows, has a formal splendour also contributed by the Edwardian age. The ceiling is decorated with plasterwork garlands, fans and scroll work.

The morning room, in the centre of the old house, overlooking the garden, was possibly the original entrance hall. The Hon. Lady Johnson-Ferguson, whose early home, Bodnant, in North Wales, is famous for its gardens, came from a family learned in many aspects of horticulture. She was an expert and active gardener and at Springkell developed one of the loveliest and most interesting gardens in Dumfriesshire.

Drone Footage

Shannon & Chris decided to add drone footage to their wedding videography package, we were able to capture some amazing drone shots of the venue as you can see from the picture above. We are able to add drone footage to any wedding package if you'd love to get some stunning ariel views of your venue.

Wedding Videography By Moments In White

If you're looking for a videographer to capture you're special day then head over to my website to check out some more of my work or just simply send me a message and we can have a chat. #springkell #scottishwedding #scotlandwedding #ukweddingvideographer #ukweddingvideographer #ukweddings #springkellhouse #springkellwedding

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